About BI17
BI217 Tropical Forest Ecology is a Spring Semester Course that takes place during alternate Spring Semesters. There are a total of three evening classes in Rindge in order to provide background on the ecology and natural history of forests in Costa Rica and to prepare students for the trip. These meetings get scheduled based on students' schedules, but typically run from 6 to 9 pm during one evening in February, one in March, and one in April.

At the end of the Spring Semester students receive an "In Progress" grade until the course gets completed during the two week trip to Costa Rica. Though the exact dates vary, the trip typically takes place during the first two weeks in June. Major components of the course include a field notebook with daily entries, detailed field presentations by students on topics they've researched prior to the trip, and an exam on the last day. All materials are graded and final grades are submitted to the Registrar back in Rindge at the end of the trip.

Graduating Seniors are allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies. In order to receive their diplomas, they need to go on the trip to Costa Rica to complete the course, a situation that our last group of Seniors was quite happy about!

Registering for the Course
In order to register for the course, students must attend one of the information sessions held early in the Fall Semester, or get permission from one of the instructors. Priority is given to ES and Biology Majors and to Juniors and Seniors, though occasionally Freshman have gone on the trip. There are only twelve spots available so if there is high demand, spots will be filled by ES and Bio upperclassmen first to turn in their deposit. For any student taking the course, the deposit is due at the time of registration, and the balance of the fee for the trip is due on December 1st. Feel free to contact me for the most recent estimates for the cost of the deposit and course fee (singler at franklinpierce dot edu).

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