Below are some of the most common herbaceous forest plants found in uplands on the Franklin Pierce Rindge Campus. They are grouped into three categories: monocots; dicots; ferns and fern allies. If you find a species on campus that doesn't match any below, try using the Go Botany Website. Also, remember that even though many of the pictures below show plants in flower, many of the plants you encounter will not be flowering; in that case, focus on leaf characteristics.

April, 2015. This page is currently under construction. Expected completion date: September, 2015.

Good luck!, and, feel free to contact me if you have questions or suggestions for improving this guide (singler - at - franklinpierce - dot - edu)!

NOTE FOR SMARTPHONE USERS: If you click on a picture below, then once on the species page you click on the picture again, you can easily save the GIF image to your phone in order to use your phone as a field guide. Eventually I hope to develop a smartphone app from this guide. Stay tuned!














Ferns and Fern Allies:







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