The Franklin Pierce University NSF STEM Scholarship Program
Information for our scholars

The Franklin Pierce University NSF STEM Scholarship Program
Information for our scholars

Tutor: Dena Kossakowski

Dena is available to provide help with your academic work, particularly in ES103 and BI218. Feel free to reach out to her with any questions you have — we really think she'll be a big help if you're stuck on course material or even if you just want some feedback about your assignments. Don't be shy — take advantage of this tutoring support!

For meetings with Dena, this Zoom link should work. If you need to enter a passcode, use the same one we're using for ES103 and BI218 Zoom lectures and for Prof. Singleton's office hours.

Setting up a meeting:
Dena is generally available after 2 pm on Mon, Wed, & Fri and after 4:30 pm on Tues & Thurs. To setup a meeting, email or text her, ideally several hours before you'd like to meet (or if possible, a day in advance).

Email: kossakowskid18 -at- live -dot- franklinpierce -dot- edu (funky format to prevent spam)
To text: 609*947*2546

Upcoming Events:

Time and Date TBA.
We're working on scheduling at least one more Zoom visit during Fall Semester of 2020 with someone working in Environmental Science. Stay tuned!

Past Events

Mon, 10/12. 11:00-11:50 am.
David Moon visited BI218 Ecology via Zoom to share his experiences working at Massachusetts Audubon and leading international trips, including the FPU Tropical Forest Ecology trip to Costa Rica. Here's a video of the Zoom session - lots of great stories and advice about ES related careers!

Mon, 9/28. 3:00-4:30.
Professor Koning led a tour of the blue trail above the athletic fields. There are some really interesting spots on this trail that not many people know about, and, there are some great views from the hill above the fields!

Fri, 9/18. 2:00-3:00.
How important is water to some of the world’s major religions? How important is water to you? Professor DeLauer explored these questions through a series of contemplative activities on the water’s edge of Pearly Pond.

Tues, 9/8. 3:00-5:00.
Professor Singleton led a hike along the red trail to one of the more remote spots on campus. We visited a forest research plot where we have camera traps and data loggers monitoring light and other environmental conditions. We also visited a site that was heavily damaged by an ice storm back in 2008.

Tues, 9/1. 4:00-5:30.
This event was a visit to some of the most interesting wetlands on FPU property with Professor Koning. Topics included water quality management and monitoring.

Dinner on Wed, 8/26.
After the small mammal session with Dr. V. (see details below), we met for an informal dinner with all scholars and scholarship faculty at 5:45. We met outside by the pollinator gardens behind the campus center facing Pearly Pond.

Wed, 8/26. 3:30-5:30.
Dr. V. led a visit to the meadow on water tower hill where he and his mammalogy class are studying small mammal populations. Some wildlife was seen!

Brief Overview of the Scholarship Program:

The main goal of this program is to support your success while here at Franklin Pierce, and ultimately in your future career.

In addition to receiving a financial scholarship, you will participate in a variety of experiences designed to help you with your studies, explore your interests, and learn more about future career opportunities.

Here are some examples of what to expect as an NSF scholar during your four years at FPU:

  • Field experiences, like bat mist netting and the field trip to Cape Cod
  • Dedicated tutoring support during Freshman and Sophomore Year
  • Meetings with upperclassmen with similar interests who can give a student perspective about course selection and other opportunities here at Franklin Pierce
  • Visits by Franklin Pierce alumni who have careers in the environmental sciences
  • Trips to regional environmental organizations to learn more about possible careers and job opportunities
  • Based on your specific interests, mentoring with one or more of the faculty associated with this program (Verna DeLauer, Catherine Koning, Rhine Singleton, Jacques Veilleux)

Along with extra opportunities, you will have some additional responsibilities:

  • Respond to emails from the PIs (Principal Investigators - the four faculty here at FPU associated with the program) and the external evaluator from Dartmouth in order to schedule surveys and interviews; participate in surveys and interviews
  • Participate in field experiences, meetings with other scholars and faculty and other scholarship events unless you have an unavoidable conflict
  • Maintain a strong GPA

And here's some more information about each of the four years of the program:

Freshman Year

  • Placement in an FYI section that will provide extra experiences related to Envi. Science
  • Placement in advanced ES103 and ES104 lab sections with additional options for research

Sophomore Year

  • Placement in an advanced BI218 lab section that will include a new unit using biotechnology in ecological field research

Junior Year

  • Participation in ES480 Junior Seminar in which you will explore career opportunities, meet alumni working in the Environmental Science related careers, and visit regional environmental organizations to learn more about possible careers of interest

Senior Year

  • Participation in ES490 Senior Capstone in which you will conduct a research project related to your career interests and gain experience by "job shadowing" at a regional environmental organization
  • Attend the annual Council on Undergraduate Research Conference where you'll meet students from other colleges and universities with similar interests and potential employers

2019 Scholars
Lauren Denard
Abigail Gamberdella
Micaela Leandro
Jacob Lopes
Victoria St. Jean (transferred in 2020)

2020 Scholars
Linda Barriere
Trinity Bridge
Ernesto (Ernie) Brunton
Maleena Davis
David Luck
Alexzandra (Alex) Melendez
Kaylyn Penna
TigerLily Peterson

Scholarship Faculty PIs (Principal Investigators)
Rhine Singleton (PI)
Verna DeLauer (coPI)
Catherine Koning (coPI)
Jaccques Veilleux (coPI)

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